Level and stats not updating?

I am new to Z. I have twice gotten Level Up badges for rides (and the rides show in my feed) but my Level still shows as Level 1 in my feed on zwift dot com slash feed and my stats don’t show my last two rides. Is there something manual I need to do to add my ride stats and level upgrades to my totals?

Also, is there a way to look up what badges I’ve earned on the web or an app?


By the way, the problem seems to be that nothing is showing up after I used up the free trial KM (even after I upgraded to a paid membership and put in my credit card).

Close Zwift on your other devices.


Similar problem. I’m repeating level 26 because it did not go upto 27 :roll_eyes:

Thanks again - closing Zwift on all devices seemed to work (n of 1 so far).