Stats are not correct

Hello, yesterday I ride 40 km. In these 40 km’s I’ve reached level 5. Theses stats arent visible in Zwift. The 40 km’s doesnt count in my total km stats and my level is still, level 4.

Welcome to the Forums, Thomas.
In this situation, the first thing that I would check is whether the Zwift game was/is open on another device at the same time as your ride yesterday, and whether the ride was saved properly at the end of the activity.

First, close Zwift on all of your devices and then open it on just the device you used for the ride yesterday. After doing that, if the level-5 status still isn’t integrated in your profile, I would then look into contacting Zwift support directly.

I looked you up in the Companion app and there is an indication of you getting to level 5 during the ride 16 hours ago – despite you still being indicated as level 4 in your profile – so you’ve got some evidence to argue your case with the support people.