Finished a ride but workout statistics were not saved to Zwift profile

I finished a 40 Kilometer ride on Zwift which included a workout. I earned probably 25000 drops and levelled up. At the end of the ride their seemed to be a long delay in uploading to Zwift etc. but it came through to STRAVA so I thought it was all good.

However, my Kilometers have not been added to my overall lifetime stats and my drops have not added to my total. My level up seems to have stayed and strangely the only place where the statistics are correct is when I click on my last 30 days total and it has handed the 40 Kilometers there. When I log into Zwift and click on my name it shows me my lifetime stats etc but it hasn’t included the recent workout ones.

Can this be fixed? I would like to have my official overall stats updated as well as the drops credited to my account.


If you submit a support ticket to us, we’ll be able to take a look at your account information so we can find out what happened. I’m sorry for the trouble, and we hope to hear back from you soon.

Ride On.