Issue after saving activity

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with my global statistics. I recorded a bike activity yesterday. But it has not added to my profile (all my statistics are remained null).

Is there a process to realign them (and to recover my 50000 drops) ?

Thanks for your help



Hi @Thomas_DUBROUX

Welcome to the forum.

This can happen if you had network problems and Zwift was not able to save.

EDIT: I may be wrong, it look like your activity saved. This is strange.

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Thanks for your answer. At start I also think about this kind of problems. But, the activity seems to be saved correctly. Futhermore, I can generate the .fit file without problems. I also contact the support about this case. I’m waiting for.

Hello @Thomas_DUBROUX welcome to Zwift forums.

I noticed that the distance of this ride is 0.3km. There is a minimum ride distance of 2 km for rides to count toward your profile.

Would you do a longer ride of at least 2km and see if that saves correctly?

@shooj That is the distance that Zwift seems to have recorded, but if you look at the screenshot from his activity it is showing 48.7 km.


Yup, you’re right Nigel.

@Thomas_DUBROUX I see that you’ve contacted my colleagues via email. This is a situation that will require more detailed one-on-one assistance, which is better handled by email.

I have asked my colleagues on the email support team to assist via email. They’ll be in touch shortly.

@Nigel_Tufnel , you’re right.

@shooj , Exactly, I sent a email with my problem before seeing this category of topic.

Thanks to all for your responsiveness.