Zwift not update level up no work?

Hello, In my last race I received (LEVEL UP! You received enough experience points to bring you to a new level.) I was already 33, I should have gone to 34 and it didn’t …

What happened?


Interestingly enough this just happened to me. In Zwift I got a level up (from 9 to 10) and after that a bonus for finishing a route. My drops also went to 400k+. Currently I’m stuck at the end of level 9 and I have 300k+ drops.

I’ve also completed the route (Lutscher), got the achievement, but now it doesn’t even show up in the badges section.

And I don’t have any screenshots to show for…

Any tips?

Zwift open on multiple devices?

I’ve only used it on my PC and had the companion app open on Android.

Now I’ve noticed that my latest workout hasn’t been registered either.