Level up to 11, Companion app android only shows 10

(Matt towns (Pack) ) #1

Am I missing something,
I’ve just gone through level 10to level 11 on macbook zwift got the camo digital Jersey, the companion app on android is only showing level 10. Logged in on a browser and level 10 there aswell.



(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

Did the activity in which level 11 was achieved finish saving to Zwift before turning off the macbook? Does it show up in your activities? I’m thinking that if it got discarded, the mileage that got you to level 11 was lost and you would be back at level 10.

(Maarten Geijsberts) #3

I have experienced this a couple of times also. In my case it looked like there was some delay between the to divices. Most of the times a hour or so but one time it was updated the following day.

So maybe you are having the same thing.

(Matt towns (Pack) ) #4

Hey there my activity is saved and uploaded to zwift however I’ve figured it out.

I did 5 laps of volcano,. I finished my ride on the end of level 10 I never got the xp points for 29th Mile always a short delay when Mile ticks over and earn xp points.

Leason learned


Ride on dudes


(Matt towns (Pack) ) #5

Sorted it out, figured it out,

Thanks for that info for future reference hopefully not needed


Ride on dudes!