Level Up incorrect in Companion App

As per the title - just viewed an activity from yesterday in the new Companion App. It shows the Level Up but says “LEVEL UP! You’re now at LEVEL 25!”.

However, I levelled up from 25 to 26.

the same here … I leveled up from 10 to 11 today … but ZCA shows 'You are now at LEVEL 10!".
It seems it shows old level instead of new one …

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Same. ZCA said I was now at level 12. The screen shot of the ride shows a full experience bar at level 12, about to level up to 13.

My level up from yesterday shows correctly on ZCA.

Same for me. Showing level 6 instead of 7.

I just noticed I have the same issue as well as having no map for NYC when riding the past two days with “new” 3.0 version. I think the map prob is Android only…?

Having the same issue. iPad app shows level 10, zca level 9. However, the activity was correctly synced.

Hier bij mij hetzelfde level en km worden niet gerekend al 4 dagen!!! Ook foto’s zijn zwart bizar😞

I have this wrong the other way around: I ended my ride yesterday about 60 XP short of making it to level 40, yet my profile in the companion app already says level 40. (The website and game still say level 39.)