Level Up incorrect in Companion App

As per the title - just viewed an activity from yesterday in the new Companion App. It shows the Level Up but says “LEVEL UP! You’re now at LEVEL 25!”.

However, I levelled up from 25 to 26.

the same here … I leveled up from 10 to 11 today … but ZCA shows 'You are now at LEVEL 10!".
It seems it shows old level instead of new one …

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Same. ZCA said I was now at level 12. The screen shot of the ride shows a full experience bar at level 12, about to level up to 13.

My level up from yesterday shows correctly on ZCA.

Same for me. Showing level 6 instead of 7.

I just noticed I have the same issue as well as having no map for NYC when riding the past two days with “new” 3.0 version. I think the map prob is Android only…?

Having the same issue. iPad app shows level 10, zca level 9. However, the activity was correctly synced.