ZCA reports incorrect level

I took an in-game screenshot for comparison, but Zwift seems to only be storing clean screenshots, so there’s no HUD to compare.

About a km after reaching level 27, ZCA showed:

I just looked you up on mine and it seems to be correct:

Yes, it did eventually catch up. I’m not sure exactly where. I’ll check at the next level.

At level 26, I stopped riding just after leveling up, and ZCA continued to report level 25 until the next ride.

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Oh, and my.zwift.com is the same as ZCA…just a bit behind.

I am positive you are not missing any XP, there has always been an issue with the ZCA displaying the incorrect level. The most important thing is that the actual Zwift App reports the correct level and amount of XP.

Hopefully the syncing between all 3 gets better in the future.

I didn’t realize that this was a long-standing bug. I thought maybe this had something to do with the accelerated XP.

At any rate, it appears that ZCA catches up to the correct level after one full km is ridden at the new level. (The progress bar is still off with respect to the in-game progress bar, I believe.)

Okay. It’s doing it now. I just hit level 32 (1900040 XP) this morning, and ZCA still says level 31. So does ZwiftPower, actually.