Items missing from the garage

Hi, I’m relatively new to Zwift but am up to lvl10. Kickr v5 connected to M2 MacBook Air, works great. Over the last couple of days, I got some new gear: Lazer helmet from Alpe summit, Ride Like King kit from ride event, and bought the Canyon Aeroad from drops store. I was using them all yesterday on a ride and have a screenshot to prove it. Today, all three of those items are missing from my garage and my avatar reverted to the previous gear I was using. My drops total still reflects the total remaining after I got the Aeroad. How do I fix this and get those missing items back?

Is there any chance you may have logged in on a second device? Multiple active logins is a common reason for this.

If you contact support they may be able to help, but make sure you’re only logged in to the game on one device.

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I have the app installed on an iPad also, which I used before switching to the laptop. I’ve definitely opened zwift on both devices, though not at the same time. I’ll reach out to support. in the meantime, do you think I should delete the app from the iPad?

Thanks for your help!

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Logging out of the game on the iPad should be sufficient. It really should not be necessary but that’s how it is currently.


Same here
With MacBook
2 wheel sets and the credits paid disappeared
I have the app on iPhone but wasn’t actively opened.
How was your issue resolved?

You can’t fix what happened. Contact support to see if they’re willing to help.

Thanks for this prompt response, Paul!

You might wish to try buying them again as I don’t think you have been charged drops for them (charged but credit back ). I don’t know enough about trying to purchase items or what happens if you have more than one system open at the same time.

Check your CA activity reports for 3rd, 4th and 7th June.

All at level 7.
3rd June approx 243k drops
4th June approx 101k drops (wheels bought)
7th June approx 270k drops ( credit for wheels back I guess)

Support ended up eventually restoring the items (kinda), but it took a while - over a week even after they confirmed that I’d purchased the bike. They initially added the wrong items, eventually fixed that mistake too. I still have a bug where the restored bike doesn’t show up in garage after I finish a ride. If I’m doing two different rides and want to switch bikes, I have to close zwift and reload it and then the bike appears.

You definitely want to make sure you are only logged into one device at a time. Merely having the app closed on other devices is not enough; be completely logged out. As Paul said above, it shouldn’t have to be this way, but it is.

If the missing items aren’t too expensive to purchase again, you might consider just doing that. I nearly bought the bike again (earned the drops by the time support added the bike back.)

Hope you get things sorted out.

That’s a clear response Jonathan
I might want to remove the app from my iPhone completely I suppose. Just to be sure
Waiting for support now…
Thanks again

Are you running a base MBA for this?

Not quite base. 16GB ram and 1TB HD.