New Bike and wheels not showing up in garage but drops are spent

On New Years day I did the Volcano Circuit 25 lap challenge which got me a ton of drops (and levels). My goal was to buy the Canyon Ultimate CFR (350,700) and also the wheels Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 (150,000). The goal is to do an Alpe run here soon. After the ride I logged in on my phone and purchased the equipment but today when I rode the equipment says I need more drops to still purchase it and it’s not available in my garage. Googling this I know it recommends logging out of all devices so I’ve tried that and still not showing up. The only proof I have is the screen shot as a level 11 17 minutes into my 65mile ride which shows my drops at 304,308 while todays ride my drops were down to 248,614.
I’m new to the game and kind of bummed if I’m out 500,000 drops. Hoping someone can help.


If you lose progress in the game by logging into two devices at the same time, there’s nothing you can do to fix that yourself. You can try contacting support and see if they want to help you.

I knwo this doesn’t help, but because leveling goes faster, I would have saved for the Scott Addict RC at lvl 17 for a best all rounder bike with a decent climb(depending on wheels). Then buy the special aethos at lvl 30

Hi @Kevin_White2 welcome to Zwift forums.

Please contact my Support colleagues, who can look into what happened, and sort you out.