Missing Bikes from my garage

Hi - can anyone here help? I have previously purchased the Felt AR bike and logged on yesterday (after the latest updates) and it is missing. It’s bad enough worrying about real bikes being stolen than having to keep an inventory and insure my Zwift bikes!!

I’m not sure if any others are missing and Zwift support have said “send us a video so we can investigate” - what does that even mean?

Does anyone know if there is a file on my PC (where I run Zwift) that lists how I’ve spent my drops or the equipment that I’ve previously purchased? I’ve been on Zwift almost since the beginning and cannot remember everything I’ve bought and it never occurred to me to keep a list!

I’ve asked Zwift if they have a record and they have ignored this question.
Any behind the program investigating I can do will help - many thanks!

I don’t think I’ve seen any bikes go missing, but as you say its hard to tell since I don’t keep an inventory and I ride the same handful normally so wouldn’t notice if one of the others went missing maybe for months

I and a few others did have jerseys go missing recently though (see link below) so I do wonder if maybe its related and is a general bug.

Do the bikes show in drop shop now as unpurchased and available but at full/normal price? Or do they show as purchased in the dropshop but simple not in your garage?

I’m afraid that I don’t know enough/am not technical enough to know if there’s some kind of log you could use as evidence of the purchase. But one thing you might try as “evidence” for zwift is to check your activity list on the xwift feed and see if you can find any screenshots for rides you did on the Felt - that would be evidence that you did previously own it if that’s what Zwift are demanding. It would be a pain looking through them but might be your only option :frowning:

Here’s the link to the jersey thread just for reference:

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Many thanks for replying - yes, the bikes show in the drop shop as though I have never purchased them. I’ve spent hours looking at activity photos which unfortunately has not helped - I cannot identify the bikes from the back, other than my tron. I’m at a loss but appreciate your comment - thank you. I was hoping there would be the data on an old log or config file…

Best, Tracey

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Hi Bas,

Oh no!
From memory I waded through millions of Zwift photos to try and prove I had them. Took hours! I did get them back eventually but took quite an effort.
I was surprised that Zwift said they do not keep a list of assets we have and so probably a good idea to keep a personal note!

The most common cause of this is being logged into multiple devices at the point of purchase.

Recent investigation shows that you get the drops credited back so you can just purchase again.

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