Stolen bike!?

On Saturday I bought the new Specialized Tarmac SL7 with my hard earned drops… but:
I bought the bike whilst Zwifting via my MacBook Pro (macOS), but when I log in via Apple TV (tvOS) the bike is missing from my Garage!

Any ideas why, or what I can do to get my bike back!?

Force close everything, then restart.

Did you have Zwift open on two devices at the same time?

As @Mike_Rowe_PBR said close all open Zwift apps on all devices.


I don’t think so… but maybe… my wife and kids use it on the Apple TV, and they sometimes leave it on… but I won’t have been logged in.

Do you know how to force close everything on an Apple TV?


point taken… :wink:

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Savage! :rofl:

Lots of strange things will happen in Zwift on Apple TV if you don’t force close Zwift all the time. You should get in the practice of it after saving your rides just to be safe.

Thanks… I did just force close the Zwift app on the AppleTV… and have restarted the box as well for good measure - but still no bike :frowning:

What about on your other device, is it a laptop? Make sure everything is closed there too.

Does the bike show up on the macbook? Are you looking in the correct place, the garage not the drop shop?

Yes - everything closed on the Macbook, and yes, the bike shows up on that device.

I am certain I am looking in the garage. Bike still shows in the Dropshop - but I’m not paying for it twice!

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Zwift app on the AppleTV and will post again here if that fixes it.

Thanks for all your help so far. I have raised with the support team as well. Surely an account should be synchronised properly across platforms!?

OK - uninstalled Zwift app from AppleTV and reinstalled, seemed to fix it. All items present in the Garage.

Thanks for the tip about quitting the Zwift app on the AppleTV. I will do that religiously from now on.

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