Lost Tron bike

I haven’t signed in for quite a while, maybe a year or more, when I did I noticed I don’t have any of the equipment I used to have including the Tron bike, is this a known issue or has my account been reset or something?

Hi @Matt_Jarrett

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Sorry to hear that you’re stuff is missing, that’s never fun to find out. Without going into too much personal detail here, is it possible that you may have two accounts under different emails? You may have logged into one that is missing all that information and using the correct email will have all of your stuff. Give that a try and if you’re still finding that your stuff is missing, reach out to our support team and we’d love to figure out what’s going on.

Hi John

No I don’t think so, all my achievements are there and my drops I’d accumulated but just the standard frames and wheels available.

This is the one you’re looking for in the Garage

Yeah haven’t got that. Just the standard issue Zwift bikes and the Trek Emonda.

@manda_F can you help? I don’t have the Concept Bike in my handy list :slight_smile:

Tried contacting support John but it doesn’t seem to be working, says not available right now.

Hi @Matt_Jarrett

Email sent to you!