Disappearing Drops

I’ve been Zwifting for a couple of months now and have had no problems up until now. Between yesterday’s rides and today’s, I earned approximately 160K drops and purchased the Scott Addict RC. When I logged onto the very same computer on which I earned those drops, I’m back to the count from before yesterday’s rides and don’t have the Scott in my garage. I’ve written support but have not heard back. Any ideas what’s going on?

Most common reason is logging into the game on two different devices.

Thanks, Paul! Meaning that I had another device open when I did those rides or that I simply logged in with another device after the fact? I’m all but certain I’ve done both in the past without triggering this problem but I’ll ensure that there’s only one login going when I do future rides.

Personally I have not triggered this issue, so I’m not 100% sure how to trigger it. But it happens all the time, like at least once a week I see someone report it here, and I suspect it may be related to running the game on a phone or tablet or Apple TV where it’s never truly closed unless you intentionally force-quit the app or reboot the device, and then running it on anything else. In that situation you have two simultaneous logins. I have run the game on a Mac and a PC where I exit the app completely after using it and I don’t run into this problem.