My drops didn't saved


I’ve ridin’ a little route on zwift solo but my drops didn’t saved at the end. I was level 13 and I go back to level 12. I saved my activity and it’s on Strava too. Can someone help me how I can fix this?


Did you have internet issues when you saved the ride or had Zwift open on multiple devices.

There is no way to manually upload rides/run to Zwift servers.

I don’t know? My route is saved on zwift and uploaded on Strava. I had just enough to get my new bike… Damn need to ride again. I was riding alone in the game. Maybe there was a little issue on my internet but I don’t know anything about if there was an issue.
Its about 9000 drops… Can zwift do anything for me?

If you were riding alone in Zwift you were definitely having internet issues. I would suggest restarting your modem and router and see if that helps.

Ok, but the drops I will never get them back?

I had this problem many times when I joined zwift and it was because I was running zwift game on iPad and Apple TV at the same time on same ride, Zwft said I had to just have one device running per ride something to do with swift server?they kindly did add my drops back as they could see the mistake I was making .Since then I just join the game on Apple TV and save it and exit without using my iPad at the same time. Since then I’ve not missed any drops. MSG zwift they will look at your account and hopefully add your drops your missing .