My internet is good but I lost again connection!

I’m riding four horsemen route… I have 50.000 drops atm… It will not be saved again!!!
I lost last week 20.000 drops… Comeon…
I’m pist offf
I’m training for something to show it on strava and it will not be uploaded!!!
4 hours will be for nothing :cry:

Help pls… And its not my internet and it’s a new tablet Lenovo I bought…

Can you drop your log files into and post the results.

It could still be your internet connection.

I’m cycling now, do I need to stop? Or can I continue?

Much thx

Hi @Aurelie_Verstraete

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. When you’re done riding, pleas save & upload your session. Then you can locate the log file for this ride by following these instuctions, then upload it to

That’s a third party site with utilities that can troubleshoot network, Bluetooth, and ANT+ issues as well. There’s some useful tips for how to improve problems it finds.

Using that site - your January 6 ride does show some network drops mid-ride, so it does appear there might be a problem with WiFi reliability (or possibly internet issues with your ISP).

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Good evening,

Thanks a lot for the info and helping me. I’ve saved my log and I sended all my logs today to logs@zwift mail. Do I need to do something more?

I’m really sorry for my mad message.



@shooj: Would it be possible for Zwift to clarify this whole issue of “Network Connectivity” with respect to ride integrity (i.e., ride upload to one’s feed.)

How resilient Zwift is to networking issues? What is the impact of mid-ride networking issues on the overall ride integrity? (or anything else networking related that bears relevance to this issue…)


@shooj hello!

i’ve send my logs from 15 january. When it will comes to my account? Because I need that workout to show it on Strava. I’m doing a challenge so I need 15 january for upload.

Kind regards