Nothing From Saved Ride Counted!

My Road To Sky ride from 3/2/21 has not seem to counted at all in Zwift. The ride is there, but none of my drops earned, miles traveled, elevation climbed, hours elapsed & achievements and unlocks earned show up in game. The route badge is missing, the KOM gloves are not there, all of the drops are gone, etc. This is really disappointing as I’ve been loving the service & on it almost every single day, sometimes multiple times a day since I started a few weeks ago. To date, this has been my absolute toughest ride. It destroyed me. To see all that hard effort for naught is discouraging. Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot of the total drops when the ride completed, but I finished at 20 miles exactly even & I was up towards 102k at only 12.5 miles in. When I logged in yesterday to ride again, I was only at 50k drops. I’ve since earned more again, BUT, I’m afraid I’m going to miss out on those other ones earned.![IMG_2165|690x388](upload://c2


Hi @Chefsize, welcome to the forums!

A few reasons this might have happened:
1 - you are logged into multiple devices at the same time without a corresponding “save and exit” or trashcan of the ride. Do you potentially use multiple devices like an iPad and an Apple TV for the main Zwift app (not the companion app)?

2 - Network error when saving the ride. Unfortunately you can’t upload .fit files to Zwift to recover lost rides. Was there any indication that your network dropped at the end of your ride? All other Zwifters disappeared and you were left all alone in Watopia?

I tried to find your activity in the companion app, but you are set to private so I can’t view them to see if it saved there.

Don’t be too discouraged, after a while you won’t know what to do with all your drops. At least you didn’t get the lightweight wheels at the top of the Alp and now those are missing. Keep climbing! Make sure you have the Everest challenge selected in the menu too and keep it selected until you get the Tron bike!



Hi, thanks Mike. So I think this is exactly it. I record my rides using my Mac (and use the companion app at the same time). The ride definitely uploaded as you can see below. However, during the day, I will sometimes open the app on iPad to review workouts form the night before, review my achievements, spend my drops, outfit my avatar, etc. It seems that maybe I had opened the iPad app earlier in the day, then rode the Road To Sky loop that night, then opened the iPad app back up the following day - but it was already open - and seemed to overwrite my progress from the night before. Wow, what a disappointment. Of course, this couldn’t have just happened on an easy 30 min spin… it had to be my longest, hardest ride completed & likely one that I won’t attempt again for a long while. :disappointed:

Sorry that happened. Make sure to trashcan the rides that you enter on the iPad when you are done upgrading your avatar, it is also a good practice to force close the app when done as well.


Yep, lesson learned. Ugh. They really need to change the behavior that you need to enter a ride to review any of that stuff to begin with, especially given that the above scenario can happen.

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Yup, users have been asking for that for years now.

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