XP and drops not saved (but ride uploaded to strava)

Hello team zwift,

I faced several issues where my ride of the training plan was uploaded to strava but the xp and drops progress was lost. This is very frustrating as this is within a couple of rides easily a whole level. As the game is all about gamification it would be a way better user experience to save the progress of drops and xp every 5 Minutes not at the very end of the ride. This is also done by many other online games.

Also the question is how I get back the missed xp and drops as it really bothers me to see them lost in nirvana. (Btw. the rides are also shown in https://my.zwift.com/ but the companion app as well as the main application are not in sync).

How to resolve the issue?


I am having the same problem.
These last 2 weeks, this problem happen to me.

Rides shown in Strava and my.zwift.com, however level progress, xp, drop, badges all are not saved.

Please Zwift insider, help us

Same problem here. My ride today and the miles for the Ceramic Speed mission vanished from the main app but still show in the Companion app.

Any resolution to this? I’m seeing the same thing.