Completed activity XP, distance and badges lost

It seems Zwift sometimes miss adding the results from a training session to my total distance, XP and badges collection.

Two days ago, I completed a couple of laps in London and made a few achievements, e.g. the Greated London Flat badge and also a level up to 20. See Companion screenshot here.

However, when I look at my profile, I’m still at lvl 19 and no route badge in my collection. It’s not just in Companion, the stats are the same both on web and in Zwift app. The progress from the last training session are simply gone.

Anyone else here experiencing this? The activity can be found on Zwift and it has even synced to Garmin and Strava, but Zwift seems to have missed adding the actvity progress to my profile progress. I have seen posts on Swedish Zwift FB group that there are more users that have experienced this.

I have contacted Zwift support, but they are yet to come back with a response to my query.

This was in the release notes for todays update:

  • Fixed a bug where awarded badges were not being properly saved to the Zwifter’s profile.

Hopefully it becomes more reliable for you.

I hope this will sort any future problems.

But it’s not just the badges. Nothing from the activity was saved to my profile. Not the badge, nor XP or distance. I can only guess how many other activities are “lost”?

Are you logged in to Zwift on multiple devices? That is typically the cause of this problem.

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Valid question Jim.
I can’t recall that I’ve been except for very early before starting the activity. I was probably logged in to check my badges on one device when trying to select the route on the other device. I haven’t been logged in on more than one device during the activity though.

Same here. My today’s activity has been saved, but XP and km were not added to the total. Latest Zwift version installed before riding.

Same here! It happened to me!:man_facepalming:

I just did the time consuming nerdiness of writing down distance, climb and total time for all my Zwift rides since I started riding in December last year.
Adding up the numbers and comparing to my Zwift profile totals, I see that there are more differences than just my last ride.
Total sum of activities: 2631,5 km distance, 32861 m climb, 86:08:02 time
My Profile totals: 2553,3 km distance, 32225 m climb, 83:17:00 time.

So very apparently, this is not a one-time occurrence.

Still no response from Zwift support.

Use a third party app, like Strava, for stats.

That doesn’t solve Zwift bugs, does it?
Badges and climbed meters help reaching goals in Zwift and Strava can’t help with that.

Yes, I know it’s just a game, but I can’t help being frustrated when they don’t get things right. Especially as I actually pay for it.

Sorry. I thought you were interested in a solution to the stats issue.

There is no solution to the Zwift bugs.

No worries @Jim_Mattson . I apologize if I sounded a bit harsh in my response, that was not my intention at all.

I already use Strava and Garmin Connect so I can get my overall stats from different perspectives. I sync everything to Strava so I can get my Zwift rides, road rides and MTB rides in one place.