Frequent lost activities

Hi all!
Lately I’ve been experiencing this issue. At the end of the ride, after I name the activity and save it, as I’ve always done in the past 4 years, my activity disappears, either from Zwift feed, Strava etc. Fun fuct, I still can see my progression in my profile’s level (went fro level 28 to 30 in the last ride). It happened in 2 of the last 3 rides. I have to say it’s pretty annoying, almost 130km and 1000m d+ lost, plus all the data about power, heart rate, TSS… Can anyone suggest a solution to retrieve those activities, or at least avoid it happens again in the future?
I’ve tried to go on zwiftpower but nothing there
Thanks a lot!

Any chance you are logged into the game on more than one device? That’s a common reason for lost progress (which is unrecoverable).