Latest activity doesn't count


I’m a new zwift user, my first 2 rides went fine but on the 3rd I had a problem.
I’m using a wahoo kickr core, connected to a macbook by bluetooth and using the latest versions of the zwift app and companion app.

During my ride my avatar stopped cycling, I guess to a lost bluetooth connection. After a while I could reconnect and continue riding but other users were not visible anymore. I saved my ride and it’s now visible in strava and both apps, but all my achievements of this ride (drops, several badges, xp level, kms,…) are not counted.
So when I open the ride in the ZC app I can see I received the badges and gained level 5, but outside of the ride I’m still level 4 and don’t have the badges I earned. If I would be able to earn the lost badges in my next rides I would be ok with it, I just hope they are not blocked in any way because of this.

Doen anyone know how to solve this?