Workouts are not being marked as complete [May 23, 2024]

I am doing the FTP builder plan. When I do the workout it does not mark it as complete and I have to click on ‘I did it’. This is getting confusing. Also, when I go into the companion app I see the workout that I completed listed there

Hi @M_Cueto_KoS welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server logs for yesterday and noticed you were logged in to the game app simultaneously from an iPhone16 and Macbook Pro. That will cause a range of symptoms including the one you’re talking about.

If the laptop is your main Zwifting device, it’s not a bad idea to uninstall the game app from your iPhone to eliminate the possibility of simultaneous logins. Running the Zwift Companion app on the iPhone is recommended - that will not cause simultaneous login conflicts.

Would you try that and check that your workouts and activities are completing?

Ok. My next workout is tomorrow and I’ll try it. But my previous workouts I most likely didn’t log in with my phone and just with macOS and I still got the issue

Hi @M_Cueto_KoS, thanks for your response. This is Juan from Zwift.

I’ like to add to Shuji suggestions. Perhaps, you are not running Zwift as such, but the app could be running in the background on your mobile device. Swiping the app simply puts it in the background, but it is still running. Every time you log in,

√ save and load or trash the session. This is the only safe way to log out.

Alternatively, you can mark your workouts as completed by following the steps listed here.

If the issue persists, please contact us to provide one-on-one assistance.

It’s very strange. My workouts are indeed saved but not showing as completed when I log in and view plan. I also noticed that when I log in the prompt to choose workouts for week 5/6 is not the same as the list when I choose to view plan

I logged into bike today and it told me to do intermittent again. Once I completed it I looked at the plan and intermittent wasn’t even in week 5! :rage: