Anyone ever have their login stats reset?!?

I logged in this morning, as usual, and all of my login stats are reset!! I removed account, restarted, logged back in…what gives? You can see my normal stats and same thing. This morning it was at 2 miles!! Is it a glitch? What did I do?

Click Change User and make sure you enter the correct email and password for your main account. It looks like you have 2 Zwift accounts.

I did that. I only have 1 email and never log out of my Zwift on my device… Twilight zone I tell ya lol

I double checked and email is the same in My Profile on both :thinking: One is my tablet and one is my phone. And neither have ever had issues. My phone still shows the right information. My tablet does not! I mostly use my tablet…

Looks like after you have enough feet it converts to miles. That makes sense because the feet number would eventually get very large.


I’m not sure what you mean by ‘reset’. What is the timing relation between the two photos? The bottom one appears to show that you have ridden 70 more miles, climbed a couple thousand more feet, and been on Zwift for an additional 3.5 hours (as well as updated to a newer version). If the bottom picture was taken later, I’m not really sure what you feel has been reset.


This right here is suspect #1

Always close the Zwift app on whatever device you’re not actively using. If you have two devices logged in simultaneously, it’ll create all kinds of problems.

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No. Took them both this morning! One in the tablet that shows version 1.30 and my phone shows version 1.29, bit they’ve never been off from one another!!

I reset the app. Uninstalled Zwift, reinstalled it on both phone and tablet. The screenshot showing 8018 on hills is what I normally see…not 2. It has something to do with the new version…I think… I emailed support with photos. Maybe the hills(the 8018) resets??

I log out always, or it will actually keep my device running, even if I’m only on the login screen. My phone is used for Zwift only if I’m away from my tablet.

Can we define a little more fully what closing the app means? At the end of a session, there’s the Save button if you want to upload that data to the server and keep it in your Activity history. There’s also a trash can icon if you want to log out without saving. If you’re not using either/or you are not actually logging out.

Unless you affirmatively log out, the session stays open as far as the server is concerned, and that’s why your data is different across devices.

Being at Zwift HQ, I’m looking at your session logs on our server. I see you logged in 4 times this morning on your Tab S6 before you logged in for real on the 5th try and rode 10.3 miles. After the ride, there are 4 more logins (two from the Tab S6, two from the Note 10+), and no matching affirmative log outs.

Please trust me on this because I’m looking at what’s happening on your account specifically. Use the trash can icon to exit next time you’re just logging in to look at what’s in your garage, or what badges you’ve got, etc.


Ok, you should be able to see that I end my ride, save my ride, log out once it brings me to the login screen. I even click on my “close all apps” button to make sure nothing is running. I do this same step every time. The first few times I started using Zwift, I noticed my tablet stayed on all day because I would stay in the login screen. So, I learned quickly to close all apps. Do I have to trash it every time I go to login? I did that this morning. Hence the logging in 5 times! You can see where I went in to my Note10+ to see what happened. Let me know if I’m skipping a step…

Yes I’m saying to trash any sessions you don’t want to keep in your activity history. Otherwise, use the Save button.

“Closing” the app the way you’re doing only closes the app locally on your Android device. It’s not closing the session on our server, which matters more. If there’s more than one device logged in to the same account because they haven’t been logged out affirmatively, your data won’t sync, you won’t earn route badges, or earn kits even if you legitimately completed the ride.

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Ok, what step am I missing? Here is what I always do…

End ride
Save ride
Takes me to the login/logout screen
Close app where the “X” is
Close all apps on my device to make sure

You can see elevation is at 10,144 but login shows 2.

For the past month and a half now it’s kept my information no problem. Why now?

I think @Nigel_Tufnel got it right further up the thread. You went from feet climbed to miles, it didn’t reset. 2 miles is roughly 10,500 feet.


Yes, I just literally saw that LOL