Device whitelist/blacklist for users

I and my wife often use Zwift at the same time on different trainers and computers. It’s a real annoyance that sometimes one user’s computer will attempt to pair to the other user’s trainer, or HRM, or whatever. It would be useful if it were possible to put devices into a whitelist for your computer/profile (i.e. only allow pairing with the following devices) or into a blacklist (i.e. never pair with these devices). If you don’t notice the incorrect pairing before an event, things get weird really fast, and stopping to fix it means being dropped by the group.


don’t think the protocols (bluetooth and ant+) allow for this sort of thing

Hi Thomas,

it might be worth removing your knowndevices and only pair the bike to trainer as you need.

Rich, this has nothing to do with the protocols, it’s strictly within the application. The ANT+/Bluetooth devices will still broadcast as always, but you can tell your application to ignore certain devices and/or allow certain devices, based on their protocol ID.

Gordon, I’ve done so in the past but the problem is that the devices will still show up when searching for items to pair to when you start the game, since Zwift can obviously see any item that is broadcasting a signal. And sometimes it pairs to the wrong device. But I’ll try it again, could be that more recent updates to the program have improved things. Thanks for the suggestion.

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