Neighbors ZWIFT Hub

I live in an apartment and I have a Kickr Bike. My Neighbor has a Zwift Hub and everytime I log into Zwift it defaults to their Zwift Hub despite having weaker signal and never being selected. I feel like Zwift does this is on purpose and is trashy. Regardless, Does anyone know a way I can stop Zwift from picking up my neighbors hub?


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If you pop over to the Feature Requests part of the forum you’ll find a few requests for Zwift to let users setup a default/favourite configuration. Add your comment there and vote up an existing request. There’s more chance of Zwift doing something about it if there’s enough folk show an interest.

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You think Zwift purposefully programs their app to try to connect to trainers you don’t own so that you’ll get upset?

Not so I would get upset that would be dumber than some of these responses. But I definetly belive that a company would priortize its own products over products from other brands. why else would it chose a zwift hub with 1 bar of signal over a device with full bars? its not alphabetical, its not by signal strength, its not by the fact that I have never selected or connected to the Zwift hub. so it was just a thought that is the program sees a zwift device then it apparently moves it to the top of the list. Do you know how the pairing screen chooses the default device? I dont but apparently asking about how it works is just too much for some people.

Thanks Colin, I think this post from a request to name your devices may work. I was able to delete the Zwift hub from the Known devices file. I am just curious to see if it will just repopulate in a few days. On initiaal testing it did work. Appreciate the actually useful info. [quote=“Shuji, post:14, topic:573834, full:true, username:shooj”]
One more vote from me. :smiley:

In the meantime - there is way to do this yourself on macOS and Windows.

  1. In Finder / Windows Explorer - go to your Documents\Zwift folder
  2. Open the file called knowndevices.xml. This file stores the list of devices that you’ve already paired with.
  3. Edit the name of your device in each line. Avoid using special characters like apostrophes, ampersands, quotation marks, etc. Do not mess with the numbers in each line.
  4. Save the changes.

Next time you run Zwift the names of your devices should appear as you wish.

Note: this is possible on Windows / Mac. Mobile operating systems (including tvOS) are much more locked down security-wise, so they will not let you dig into system folders.

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But think it through–remarkably few people are going to own multiple trainers. So what purpose would it serve Zwift to have their software prioritize Zwift trainers? Someone’s going to walk into their multiple-trainer room, head for their Wahoo, Zwift will connect to the Zwift Hub next to the Wahoo, and they’ll say “Oh, I’ll ride that instead”? Or someone buys a Wahoo, find that Zwift connects to their neighbor’s Hub instead, and say “Oh I guess I’ll just go buy a Hub instead”? Or someone is thinking of buying a Wahoo, but knows that Zwift will connect to a Hub first if there are two trainers nearby, so they buy the Hub? Why would they do that when Zwift will connect to the Wahoo if they buy that?

There is no benefit to the company to do that. And anyone thinking of doing that would be able to predict exactly your situation. So they would be knowingly coding their app to upset you, for no benefit.

You’re dealing with a frustrating interaction between multiple technologies, and you’re projecting your frustration into the intentions of the people who wrote the code, when there is literally zero benefit to be had from them doing it that way intentionally.

Regardless I think you are probably right it may not be intentional but at least in my case the code did default to the ZWIFT hub for whatever reason. It seemed like something they would do. I didnt mean to get your feathers all ruffled. If you got any info on how it actualy works that would be great if not Someone else has already hopefully helped me actually solve this problem.

You entered a public space with bizarre, unhelpful, and unnecessary allegations. Expect that not all replies will be about diagnosing your problem. You accusation is bizarre in that there is, again, literally no reason for Zwift to do what you ‘feel like’ they did. Unhelpful and unnecessary in that claiming malfeasance in no way helps you or anyone else solve your problem. It certainly doesn’t motivate the human beings who work for Zwift, if they see this, to put a lot of effort into helping you. They probably would still try though, even after you attacked them with your first post in their forums. When I’m looking for help for a problem I have from the company itself, ‘belligerence’ isn’t the first move I’d think to go for.

All that aside, the knowndevices edit may help. If you’re using an internal BT device, it might also help to buy a BT dongle on a cord and place it closer to your trainer.

If you want the fastest pairing, use ANT+. It should win a race against any Bluetooth device, by design. Its range is also really limited so it may never see the neighbor’s trainer. You can use an ANT+ dongle with Windows, Mac, and some Android devices.

Just to note, this doesn’t work with any+ devices but is good with BT (and thus, directconnect)

It seems like editing the known devices file has worked so far. I am worried that the Zwift Hub will repopulate in a few days and start with the annoying default selection. We shall see. I am not familiar with ANT+ connections but It appears that The Kickr bike and my HRM are both compatable so this may be a good solution if the issue reoccurs.

Ah Kickr Bike… I neglected to mention that the steering controls on the bike require Bluetooth, so if you care about that don’t use ANT+

Hi everyone, welcome to Forums. I’m Juan at Zwift. I’m glad to know that this issue was fixed. Great!

For future reference, you can bookmark this support article. Ride On!

Technically it has not been resolved. I was just tired of dealing with negative users on this forum and have not tried the suggested Ant+ solution yet. So I have not commented. For note though Zwift has since repopulated my neighbors ‘Known Device’ and attempts to connect to it. Which honestly is just ridiculous behavior and a user privacy violation. I should not know my neighbor has a Zwift hub much less that their device needs a firmware update. I would like a solution if it’s out there. I have not made time to order the Ant + adapter but that is on the list if the problem persists. So @Juan_Lopez10 please direct me to the actual solution if possible. Because it’s not a known device and I would prefer if Zwift actually treated it as such.

This “violation” if you want to call it that is simply how Bluetooth works. It tells me what kind of iPhone my neighbor has and whether it’s at home. It tells me the make and model of his thermostat. Anyone with a free Bluetooth scanner can see all of this when they’re within range (eg, standing outside your front door).

Sure if YOU are attempting to scan or connect to devices initially. but if you have never connected to your neighbors bluetooth speaker most music apps will never show that device as an output option. I have never connected to these other devices and zwift considers them known devices. They simply are not. Zwift should not assume that any device it can sense should be listed as known. It should have a add device menu that searchs.Then you select the devices that are known and only those devices are added to the “known devices” list. It is dumb that it just assume that because it can sense the device it should be considered known. At a bare minimum I should be able to select the default device. But hey we have confetti for level 100 likes. Plus, Juan motivated me this morning and I have got the Ant + ordered.

You are 100% correct that Zwift should give you complete control over your preferred device pairings in the game, and remember your choices. It should not make random substitutions of other things within range. It’s not a privacy problem, because Bluetooth is a broadcast technology that shares all sorts of information about nearby devices.

Not a “solution”, but maybe you could ask your neighbor to unplug the Zwift Hub when they are not using it.

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this is funny because the fact that it needs a firware update does indicate that they are not using it.