Zwift connects to wrong trainer when both me and my wife are zwifting

Hi, I’m using a wahoo Kickr connected to my iPad and my wife has an Elite Tuo connected to her iPhone.

We have separate Zwift accounts but if we Zwift together my wife’s Zwift will pick up my Kickr for the power source even though it says it is connected to her Tuo trainer. So although her cadence is picking up from her trainer, in effect her avatar is being powered by my Kickr.

Oddly when I connect if my wife has paired with her trainer it only shows the Kickr as available, but if I have paired with the Kickr, on my wife’s options it still shows the Kickr as an option to pair to.

Any help please appreciated as to how to fix or any way I can get my wife’s account to not pick up / disable the connection to my trainer.

Very frustrating as paying for 2 accounts on separate trainers and devices but at present we can’t train together.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Any chance you can include some photos from each of your pairing screens at a point when you’re having this issue?

I feel your pain. I know you’re working on just getting things connected, but in my experience, it’s a very fragile setup w/two bikes at once even when everything works at the start. My partner and I see more than occasional dropouts when we’re both riding at the same time. We avoid it whenever riding something “important” like a race. We use a mix of BT and ANT+ positioned right next to bikes so that when one stack kicks the bucket mid-ride, we can switch on the fly. We also use a mix of Windows/Mac and don’t find either to be more or less stable or reliable than the other.

But you sure can feel those wireless waves washing over us. It’s a nice cooling breeze.

Good luck!