Running two Kickrs side by side...? signal issues

(Kurt Muetterties [BRT]) #1

Considering purchase of a second Kickr trainer to setup right next my existing 2016 Kickr, in a home fitness room. Will be using ant±Fe connections to zwift on a desktop and a laptop.

Any one have experience running simultaneous trainers and zwift? My concern is ant+ interference and signal drops. Would hate to make the investment and end up buggering the connection. Wifi should not be an issue (I hope), with plenty of bandwidth via gigabit network.

Advice appreciated…

(Gillian Gregory) #2

We have used two Cycleops side by side and usually have no problems. I use Apple TV and my iPhone with Companion app. My husband uses his iPad and iPhone. Usually the one thing that won’t connect is my Apple Watch to monitor my heart rate. Lately the phone has been dropping out and reconnecting but the trainer itself has been OK.

(Kurt Muetterties [BRT]) #3

So will the ATV you are using BT connection, not ant +, correct? With my wahoo Kickr BT tends to have a lot more drops. I guess it would still be an option.


(Gillian Gregory) #4

Yes, BT. We had some drops at first but we unplug the trainers when we are done and plug back in when we ride. Not sure why it works but they stay connected.

(Dave Rodda) #5

I have the same problem with my cadence sensor since last updated. Was fine for six months but since last update zwift wont/cant pair with my cadence sensor…

turnkey pcb

(John Bergquist) #6

My wife and I have our KICKR SNAP trainers side by side in our garage. We almost always train together, so when we do I power up hers first and get Zwift running. Then once she’s all paired-up and riding, I jump on mine and repeat the process. So far it’s worked well (except telling hers to ignore my HRM…she doesn’t use one).