Stopping the preference of ANT+ over BT on the pairing screen?

Hey all, quick question…

Can ANT+ devices be commented out / disabled in the knowndevices.xml so they will never be auto-paired in the pairing menu?

I have an issue where zwift seems to lock onto the ANT+ quicker for the “Controllable” and “Cadence” on my Kickr '18.
I have started with a new knowndevices.xml file with the ANT+ disconnected and it picks up and pairs everything in bluetooth just fine. Bluetooth signal is coming from a TP-Link Archer AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.0 PCIe Adapter so no issues with signal quality. However, if I power down the PC and plug the ANT+ back in, it will try to pair to ANT+ first the next time Zwift is launched.

So i’d like to know please, is there anyway I can tell Zwift to ignore ANT+ or set a delay on ANT+ scanning without having to resort to unplugging the ANT+ dongle every time ?

Note: 2 Zwift users on 1 PC with 2 seperate accounts. 1 user just needs Bluetooth but the other user (myself) needs Bluetooth and ANT+ as I run TrainerRoad concurrently, which actually works quite well.


Not that I’m aware of, besides only plugging the ANT+ dongle after your BLE stuff has paired.


Yes it certainly appears that way.

Actually, seeing that this is a PC I should be able to use the Group Policy Editor to restrict the rear USB ports for her user credentials !

No chance of it detecting ANT+ if there is no power to the port…

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