ANT+ paired but not controlling

Hi guys
Need some help with pairing on Zwift with my WahooKickrCore.
I am using BT connection usually but I am facing some signal drops during races, 1 or 2 times for 5 to 15sec…it s not much but very frustrating to be dropped from a pack on a race :-/

I have a ANT+ connection only for HR (garmin) which works fine.

When I try to connect controllable, powersource and cadence on ANT+, I can pair it, values are on screen but

  • first refreshment rate is very low…like to 2-3sec later and sometimes values stay fix for 5sec
  • then, it DOESN’T control the Trainer ! It works fine on BT but nothing happen on ANT+. I tried to calibrate, it doesn t work neither saying like: too long calibration time ?!?!

using Asus Laptop/Tablet on Win10, extension cable for ANT+, integrated BT

tx for your help