Ant +connection

I need some help, New elite direto, I’ve done calibration paired it on zwift so got watts, cadence heart rate no problem, but, I can’t get a solid green light for a ant+ connection so there’s no resistance from the trainer when riding in zwift. Any advice would be great thanks.




 This may sound silly, but make sure the dongle is inserted into the USB extension cord slot properly. I know two occasions of an Ant+ installing in Windows and not working in Zwift, each time it was fixed by making sure the dongle was pushed in all the way. I was surprised at how much force it required.

Thank you, I’ll give it a go.



make sure the dongle is close to the trainer. The closer the better the conexxion. Don’t think 3 meter is close, less then a half meter is close!


Have you paired both Power and Controllable Trainer (through ANT+ FE-C) on the paring screen Daryl?

Thanks Paul, That’s it perfect.