Bike Pairing Issues

Hi I use Zwift on a windows PC and have ANT+ and Bluetooth options for pairing,

My Bike is a Stages SB20 which supports both ANT+ and BLE however i find i get occasional power dropouts if i use ANT+ so always p[refer to use Bluetooth and i use my ANT+ dongle on my PC purely to pair with my Garmin HR strap that is ANT+ only.

Almost every time i start Zwift - Zwift auto pairs up with the ANT+ controllable of my bike (even though it always pairs the power and cadence to Bluetooth) so almost every single time i have to unpair the ANT+ controllable and re select the Bluetooth.

This is seriously annoying - Why cant it just remember what was paired with last time and ONLY switch devices if i manually do so. or is there a way to set up a ban list so I can prevent it auto connecting to the wrong protocol.