Ant+ problems solved!

After six long years of struggling with Ant+ issues that just wouldn’t go away, I have finally stumbled upon the solution quite by accident: replace the PC!

Almost all of my Ant+ problems have been solved, anyway. My Kickr v2 still disconnects fairly often, but I use my Assiomas as my power meter, and I don’t generally notice if the trainer loses a few resistance changes.

I wonder if the solution to this lingering issue is simply to replace the Kickr. (Sadly, I no longer have the CycleOps trainer that I started Zwifting with, to see if that works with the new PC.)

Not sure it needed something quite so drastic Jim.

Did you consider using a dedicated USB card to connect your Ant+ dongle. Some of the integrated ports can be low powered and thus disconnect.

As you still have issues is your dongle on an extension lead to bring it closer to the trainer? This is probably the main reason for ANT+ issues. Your pedals are closer than your trainer if your PC is in front of you so maybe not as affected.

The main reason for replacing the old PC was to try to get close to 60 fps on the Makuri routes. The resolution of the Ant+ issues was just a bonus.

The old PC was a mini-ATX form factor. The graphics card took up the only space available for PCI expansion cards.

You bet! I have a powered extension cable that brings the Ant+ dongle as close to the bike as I like. Right now, the dongle is about a meter to the right of the bike, midway between the pedals and the trainer.

BTW, Bluetooth with Zwift on the new PC does not work at all, so it’s fortunate that Ant+ works well enough.

You’ll do well to get close to 60 fps especially on Makuri.
What spec you running if so?

Mini form factor is so limiting, especially trying to force a suitable graphics card.

Sounds like your Kickr has issues.

BT can sometimes be a pain to get working with Zwift.

My setup works perfectly now but only when I switched to a v5.0 LE dongle yet others are fine with older versions.

See Game performance on Makuri Islands - #107 by Jim_Mattson. Yesterday, I got 54 fps (P1) on Neon Flats with quite a lot of riders on the route (though it wasn’t an event).