Bluetooth dongle - which one?

hi all. newbie here!

signed up to zwift back in nov19 with the intention of just using it over winter. however, i love it and completely addicted to the point where i’m wagging work sometimes to get extra zwifting done!

anyhoo, i was using it on my iphone with an av adapter to plug into an old tv rather than purchase a new laptop but i’ve got to the point where i love it and decided to fork out for a laptop.

I’ve read i may need a bluetooth adapter (laptop has bluetooth but then my old one does and it couldn’t find the trainer/hrm etc) but i’ve no idea if there is a specific type? is cheaper bad? There are loads on amazon ranging from £6 to £30 and i’ve no clue which one to get.

any ideas/advice would be appreciated!



I would suggest you get an ANT+ dongle with an extension usb cord, bluetooth is very unreliable and I used to get signal drops all the time, sometimes every few minutes during a ride. ANT+ has been way better! I bought an inexpensive one from amazon, and it has worked fine for over 4 months now.

this is the one I bought:


Thanks mike! Will take a look…

Hi Chris,
its worth checking that your equipment is all Ant+ compatible. Chances are they will be, but best to make sure.

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