Bluetooth USB dongle

Can I get a specific recommendation on a bluetooth usb dongle for Windows 10 that works with Zwift flawlessly?

Thank you.

Can I first ask why do need a Bluetooth dongle. In my experience ANT+ is a lot better and more reliable.

I thought Ant+ had to be right beside the trainer And Bluetooth could be across the room (which is my case). Are my assumptions correct?

The ANT+ dongle does not need to be right next to the trainer, but it does minimize dropouts.

Bluetooth is very susceptible to dropouts as well as the distance is increased.

How far away is you computer to the trainer?

about 5 feet…less than 6 feet for sure.

Then I would suggest getting an ANT+ dongle and a USB extension, it will be far more stable than BLE.

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Appreciate it…will do…thanks!