Connect Elite Muin Turbo B+ with Zwift over Bluetooth

(Ruben Verkempinck) #1


Recently I bought the Elite Muin Turbo B+ and I want to connect it with Zwift over Bluetooth.
The Misuro B+ has been placed in the right place.
I bought a Belkin USB 4.0 Bluetooth adapter which recognizes my Elite Muin Turbo B+ trainer.

But if I start the Zwift application on my computer, he still refuses to find any data (even If I’m biking).
" No ANT+ dongle found".

Second try: 
I tried to connect my (old) ANT+ dongle from my Garmin 310XT.
My watch transfers all my data from my watch to my computer.
But still there is not data found when I want to connect my bike.
I think this stick is too old for this application.

Do I really need to buy a ANT+ dongle or I’m doing something wrong with my bluetooth. (my mobile reads all data correct from bluetooth)

Thanks in advance

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Ruben,

If you wish to connect devices to Zwift via Bluetooth, you must enable to Bluetooth Beta promo and use an iOS device as a bridge as detailed here:

The ANT+ dongle needs to be USB 2.0 - your old one probably is not this.