Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ (Bluetooth Issue)

Zwift can not find my RTMB+ via Bluetooth.
Elite My e training can find the RTMB+ via Bluetooth.

Zwift can find my RTMB+ via Ant+.

Zwift can find my Stages crank via Bluetooth and Ant+.

Any idea why the trainer is not picked up via Bluetooth by Zwift? I’m using it on a PC. The Elite software can find the trainer via Bluetooth. Zwift can see my Stages but not Real Turbo Muin.

As an aside, having my crank on BT and Trainer on Ant+ has reduced the Ant+ Rx dropouts 10 fold to 4%. Would like to get the trainer working under BT also to see if dropouts go to zero.

Any ideas?

Had the exact same issue as described above.

This worked for me, which I found via Zwift support “pairing elite trainers” google search

Search for your Turbo Muin under one of the following:

  • The Speed menu
  • The Power menu

Once connected here, then search for “Controllable”. The trainer is now visible, and will pair!

Very happy. Result

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Cheers mate I did sus it out eventually. Sold the trainer today as it happens.:+1:t6: