Best BT Dongle Zwift

I have problem with my internal BT in Lenovo T5. The problem is known and cuasing Zwift to put totally wrong resistence to my Stages SB 20, it is also problem connecting from time to time. Do anyone know a good working dongle that works without issues?


I have one from eBay that cost only a couple of pounds/dollars.

I did struggle to get one to work but got a v5.0 they supported BLE and now everything works without fail.

That said I use Ant+ predominantly as for me it’s more stable.

If you have to buy a dongle, I’d suggest going to ANT+. If you have access to Amazon in your region, get the ANSELF ANT+ dongle. It is known stable and recommended by ZwiftInsider and everyone that uses it, myself included.

I have an Ant+ dongle as above but the response in Zwift from Bluetooth is much faster. Therefore im looking for a bluetooth usb that works.

I can use it with a USB dongle equipped with Broadcom BCM20702 without any problem.

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When they say BT is much faster, what response times are we talking about here?

Ive been using ANT+ for years now and never seen a noticeable delay so whilst BT may be faster, I’m not sure what the benefit is going to be in going for a system that is un-noticeably faster but only when it works correctly.

ANT+ is great for connecting your sensors, but the OP is asking about BT to control his trainer. Zwift can’t control trainer resistance using ANT+, only Bluetooth.

Regarding BT dongles, I don’t have a specific suggestion, but the technology is mature enough now that any BLE dongle from a reputable manufacturer will work fine.

What?!? Trainer resistance can most definitely be controlled via ANT+ with Zwift. Now whether OP’s smart bike has that capability or not is different, but most major trainers/smart bikes support resistance changes over ANT+.


Mybad. Bluetooth or ANT+ FE-C both control most trainers - apologies.