Elite Qubo - Controllable not paired


I’ve been zwifting for a week now and after my latest workout I noticed that my Elitę Qubo Digital Smart B+ was not paired as controllable while all else was paired. This way I can train my watt but the slopes are not transferred. I use a bluetooth connection with my laptop. Can anyone help me so I can feel the burn of the climbs ;-)?

Hey Ive, are you still having issues with your Smart B+ not being paired to Controllable? Has this happened before or was it not paired only that last time you noticed?

When you pairing for controllable does your trainer not show up?

We also have a Known Issues forum post for similar issues to yours: Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Flat Resistance is Off


I’m still having issues with my Smart B+ over BLE. I have never been able to pair it before. My trainer does not show up. The cadence and powermeter do pair automatically.

same problem for me :’(

please help

Hi, did you ever get a solution for this? I have an Elite turbo Muin with the same issue.


I didn’t get the BT to work but I bought an ANT dongle and from then on everything worked perfectly.

There is a similar case with Qubo and Apple TV 4k. If a power meter other than Qubo is paired with Zwift first, Qubo can’t be paired as controllable trainer because it will not be found any more in the pairing screen. The only solution is to pair Qubo first as power meter. This will pair it as controllable trainer at the same time.

Then you have to unpair the power meter and pair it with the power meter you actually want to use. But this is pretty difficult because unpairing the power meter puts Zwift into an endless pairing loop (bug) where screen elements jump back and forth on screen. I would hope this bug gets more attention, it has been reported earlier (Fix the Apple TV App PLEASE).