Elite Qubo Digital SmartB+_Very low w/kg

Hi Everyone,

I practicing on Zwift with my Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ (no Powermeter at all) for 2 days. I’m definitely not a cycling pro but kind of sporty (85kg - 180cm). Yesterday I tried my first group training (D / ca. 1,2 w/kg). I thought this should be possible to stay within but from the beginning I had no chance to stay in the group. I tried as much as possible for me but I received maximum 120W and couldn’t take it longer than 10 seconds. After this I tried a Free ride and recognized that I can only ride with max 80W for longer time. Is it possible that I’m just that untrained (barely believe this) or is there a bug in measuring the Watts?

I’m very thankful for your help and advice.

Best regards

I have the same issue. Incredibly difficult. It makes participating in races impossible. Can someone help to get this trainer corrected?

I’m not sure that it works on Zwift, but you could try changing the calibration values. There are some threads about this, for example Final Word on Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ or elite qubo digital smart b+ high power readings .

Heiko, i have one of these trainers. I had same problem, low output. You need to calibrate in within the Elite app (on device). 3 numbers are required to calibrate which represent the power of hills, flat and downhills. You push them to your trainer via app. Increase the default 3 numbers by 25% or so. But its a bit hit and miss. Careful, my qubo reset back to default values and i know can’t calibrate. So its in the bin! I’m not going for a ride outputting 50W.