Elite Qubo Digital SmartB+_Very low w/kg

Hi Everyone,

I practicing on Zwift with my Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ (no Powermeter at all) for 2 days. I’m definitely not a cycling pro but kind of sporty (85kg - 180cm). Yesterday I tried my first group training (D / ca. 1,2 w/kg). I thought this should be possible to stay within but from the beginning I had no chance to stay in the group. I tried as much as possible for me but I received maximum 120W and couldn’t take it longer than 10 seconds. After this I tried a Free ride and recognized that I can only ride with max 80W for longer time. Is it possible that I’m just that untrained (barely believe this) or is there a bug in measuring the Watts?

I’m very thankful for your help and advice.

Best regards