Elite Roteo smart+ with Misuro+ sensor


have a new Elite Roteo+ in combination With a Misuro+ sensor.

it works with the elite app, but on Zwift the datas are horrible. Just crazy. Around 1600Watt…pls help. 



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Have you calibrated the Misuro+ sensor Tobi?

How can you calibrate? I have calibrated it by setting it to 14 blinks (as described in the manual of the Misuro B+)


Further, I have exactly the same issue. Elite Roteo, Misuro B+ sensor… nothing happens on Swift. 


Please help!

Does the trainer/sensor operate OK with the My E-Training app?

Does Zwift detect the trainer/sensor, even if the numbers are not accurate?

If the trainer/sensor is detected which pairing option are you using.

I am not convinced the manual instruction for a set number of ‘blinks’ is correct for use with Zwift.

Reading past posts, Zwift are confident the Misuro B+ does operate OK with the correct configuration.

The funny thing is actually that the setup is working perfectly fine with Sufferfest (almost plug and play). But not with Zwift… Whatever I do, nothing seems to work on Zwift.

I’m gonna go have a look at Sufferfest’s set up see if I spot anything that can be related back to Zwift.

I am thinking configuring the sensor to behave as though the back wheel is on the bike running on a roller.

Probably incorrect but worth a look.