Misuro B+ problem

I have Misuro B+ and a Elite Novo Force 8. When I setup speed and cadence (iOS or MAC) I keeps getting “No data” or invalid invalid information. Any idea?

i have  the same issue  ! same sensor and turbo trainer . i seem to be getting rpm data but no watts . also the avatar on the screen never moved . 

Here too. Strange thing is that on MyETraining App I get all working. Its a problem with Zwift.

definitely , MyEtraining working perfectly .

im going to try this later :

You didn’t select a classic trainer after pairing your speed/cadence sensor.

After you pair your speed/cadence sensor on the pairing screen, you need to select the trainer you’re using from the next menu. You can find an overview for this process here and a step-by-step walkthrough here.

I already did this and the same thing happens

Sorry to hear that ! I’ll try it and see what happens

Well I tried it . Didn’t work , I wonder what they mean by level 3?

Its the trainer level (hand switch) 

ah! that makes sense , thanks . i have set it to 3 , no change :( 

Ya, same here…

ive logged a support ticket , if it gets resolved ill let you know . best of luck !

I’m going to do the same

Hello, i have the same problem.

Look here . Maybe it helps you.


My last try is now to buy the Garmin speed and cadence sensor.

For 10 Days i try out many things.

Now i have no more fun.

I read your post but no luck for me. I opened an suporte ticket but apparently it was closed.

I do not understand this.

You can not it read it completely ?

Rafael send me an email. (sascha-photodesign@gmx.de)

I will be working for a few hours now.

Later i can answer.

I can read your post, but didn’t work for me. I keeps getting same error, almost giving up Zwift

Yes it goes on the nerves. Has so far cost a lot of energy.

Before i give up i´m still waiting for the Garmin sensor.

This is my last chance.

Good luck to you.

I also thought about buying another sensor, but here in Brazil it is very expensive. I already paid a lot of money for the Misuro to use it with Zwift and it does not work.

Maybe you can return the Misuro. Or exchange for another sensor.

The Garmin should work. I hope. This is unfortunately very expensive. Also here in Germany. Half the price like the Novo Force 8.

If we both get this to run. Then i would like to go with you.

But i´m just a mountainbike driver.

Here is tricky to trade for another, I will wait and see if my ticket is resolved. Until this I’ll use MyETraining, and in meantime I’ll think about a new sensor. What a coincidence, I also use montainbike, I hope we can ride together!