Misuro B+ problem

(Rafael Rosa) #1

I have Misuro B+ and a Elite Novo Force 8. When I setup speed and cadence (iOS or MAC) I keeps getting “No data” or invalid invalid information. Any idea?

(G P) #2

i have  the same issue  ! same sensor and turbo trainer . i seem to be getting rpm data but no watts . also the avatar on the screen never moved . 

(Rafael Rosa) #3

Here too. Strange thing is that on MyETraining App I get all working. Its a problem with Zwift.

(G P) #4

definitely , MyEtraining working perfectly .

im going to try this later :

You didn’t select a classic trainer after pairing your speed/cadence sensor.

After you pair your speed/cadence sensor on the pairing screen, you need to select the trainer you’re using from the next menu. You can find an overview for this process here and a step-by-step walkthrough here.

(Rafael Rosa) #5

I already did this and the same thing happens

(G P) #6

Sorry to hear that ! I’ll try it and see what happens

(G P) #7

Well I tried it . Didn’t work , I wonder what they mean by level 3?

(Rafael Rosa) #8

Its the trainer level (hand switch) 

(G P) #9

ah! that makes sense , thanks . i have set it to 3 , no change :( 

(Rafael Rosa) #10

Ya, same here…

(G P) #11

ive logged a support ticket , if it gets resolved ill let you know . best of luck !

(Rafael Rosa) #12

I’m going to do the same

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #13

Hello, i have the same problem.

Look here . Maybe it helps you.


My last try is now to buy the Garmin speed and cadence sensor.

For 10 Days i try out many things.

Now i have no more fun.

(Rafael Rosa) #14

I read your post but no luck for me. I opened an suporte ticket but apparently it was closed.

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #15

I do not understand this.

You can not it read it completely ?

Rafael send me an email. (sascha-photodesign@gmx.de)

I will be working for a few hours now.

Later i can answer.

(Rafael Rosa) #16

I can read your post, but didn’t work for me. I keeps getting same error, almost giving up Zwift

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #17

Yes it goes on the nerves. Has so far cost a lot of energy.

Before i give up i´m still waiting for the Garmin sensor.

This is my last chance.

Good luck to you.

(Rafael Rosa) #18

I also thought about buying another sensor, but here in Brazil it is very expensive. I already paid a lot of money for the Misuro to use it with Zwift and it does not work.

(Sascha Krauleidies (Nürnberg)) #19

Maybe you can return the Misuro. Or exchange for another sensor.

The Garmin should work. I hope. This is unfortunately very expensive. Also here in Germany. Half the price like the Novo Force 8.

If we both get this to run. Then i would like to go with you.

But i´m just a mountainbike driver.

(Rafael Rosa) #20

Here is tricky to trade for another, I will wait and see if my ticket is resolved. Until this I’ll use MyETraining, and in meantime I’ll think about a new sensor. What a coincidence, I also use montainbike, I hope we can ride together!