need help to connect with Qubo Power Mag Smart B+

Please give me a step by step advice to how to connect to zwift with Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ . Is the Garmin edge 500 usable?


With the Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart you will need a seperate speed sensor, or a power meter, in order to use it with Zwift. The Misuro B+ will not work.

The reason your trainer/sensor combination doesn’t work is because Zwift calculates speed based on wheel circumference, while the Misuro B+ measures roller circumference, and you can’t select roller circumference in Zwift. While the Misuro B+ works with the Turbo Muin series, it won’t work with Elite’s other classic trainers in Zwift.

The good news is that your trainer should still be compatible if you combine it with a traditional wheel-based speed sensor. We have a sample list of sensors that work with Zwift on our website.

If you have a speed sensor, you’ll need to pair it under Speed and select a trainer. Based on our guide to Setting up Elite Classic Trainers, you will want to select “Elite Power Mag” and set your trainer to resistance level 3 for the Qubo Power Mag Smart.

Regarding the Garmin Edge 500, Zwift is not compatible with bike computers or any other devices that only receive data yet. Zwift reads data, but doesn’t transmit it back. Likewise, these devices do not transmit data for Zwift to receive. While these computers aren’t compatible with Zwift, you can utilize many of the same functions with the Zwift Companion app (which is free to download on the Apple store and Play store for iOS and Android mobile devices).