Qubo Power Mag Smart B +

I have the Qubo Power Mag Smart B +

In the Elite-it My E-Training application the connection and data work perfectly.

I’m having trouble using it with Zwift, using the Zwift Mobile Link application in my IOS.

The Zwift shows the bluetooth connection on the speed and cadence sensor. But cadence data is high even though I’m not even pedaling. When I start to pedal, at low speed the Zwift accuses me as if I were pedaling at more than 30km / h, and with power greater than 400watts and cadence greater than 100. If I start pedaling faster, speed, power data and cadence fall on the Zwift and the bike on the Zwift stands still.

Summarizing my problem, the data seems to be reversed. Stepping slowly, he passes to Zwift as if he were pedaling fast and forcing. Pedaling fast, Zwift understands that I’m standing still.

I own an Iphone SE with the version of IOS 11.0.2.
My notebook is a MacBook Pro 2011 with macOS High Sierra 10.13.

I was looking at getting the Qubo Power Mag Smart B + trainer and I’ve heard this problem in other threads as well. Someone said something about setting the resistance on the Mag to 3 and it might work better. 

The Qubo Power Mag B+ isn’t on the list of supported trainers… However the Qubo Digital B+ is. - The difference is that the Digital is an interactive trainer not needed the resistance setting box…

Just a thought!

I have the same. Did you solve this problem?

Yes Adam


I got in touch with the Elite and reported to connect the PowerMag on bluetooth as a power meter.

In cadence I’m using the bike sensor. Now it’s working.

PowerMag is connected by ANT + and the cadence is running, while while pedaling the bike is standing in place and only moves when it stops pedaling

Exactly, that was what was happening to me.
Then the Elite support went not to connect in the Speed sensor + classic trainer configuration. It is to connect using as Power source.

how do i connect the trainer so everything works

On the Zwift screen, select Power source and your trainer should already appear

Thank you for your help

Same problem! Annoying! Elite said on their homepage, that this model is Zwift compatible…Can I solve the problem with a cadence and speed sensor (Garmin, Cateye…etc…)?

I solved the problem as Elite’s support responded, I used the power mag as a power source and a cadence sensor for the bike.


Any cadence sensor can be used.

THX Alexandre! It’s working! But for the perfect feeling I need a speed and a cadence sensor!

Unfortunately Zwift does not allow you to connect a power source and a speed sensor at the same time.

But using the power source and cadence sensor, you can play with friends hehehe :smiley:

Unfortunately this does not work for me. I tap Power Source but my Elite Qubo Power Mag trainer does not show.
And I cannot use the speed because it is not accurate.

What a pain!!! If I cannot pair my equipment for a trail how am I expected to join on a monthly basis??!!

Are you trying to use the bluetooth of your notebook or mobile phone?
If using the notebook, it is likely that bluetooth is not 4.0
Try using by mobile phone using the Mobile Link app

I use my Qubo as a power meter (+Garmin cadence and heart rate sensors) with a Bkool  ANT+ module with my PC, and I have no problem with it…I think the bluetooth connection is not so stable as an ANT+ connection.

Hi Alexandre,
Thanks for your response. I’m using an Ipad mini 3 which has a bluetooth 4.0. I do tried using the Mobile Link app but it didn’t work. It seems that the mobile app required the sensors to be sync with the main app (Ipad) first because it didn’t let me do much. I’ll appreciate any help you could provide.

Sorry, but I do not know how it works with the ipad.
In my case, I use it with iphone SE and it works normally straight through the mobile link.



I’ve got the same problem as Renee Munoz! If I select speed sensor goes crazy ( 400watts and 200mph) and when try to select “power source” it doesn’t find it.


Does anyone solve this? How? I try to use iPad/iphone but nothing seems to work.