Sprint Speed Decreasing

Hi everyone,

I’m a new user and have an Elite Qubo Power Smart B+ trainer, I’ve connected via bluetooth to a MacBook Air and paired the power source and cadence sensors, the controllable and speed sensor don’t show up when trying to pair.

It seems to work but if I try to increase my speed by sprinting my speed starts to drop, I can build it up slowly but as soon as I give it lots of effort my speed decreases, not sure how to fix this.

I’m currently using the free trail and want to ensure I can get it working before signing up.

It’s also not controlling my resistance but I’m assuming the device isn’t compatible as it won’t connect as a controllable device, but if anyone has this working please let me know.


Hello @Martin_Lomas, welcome to the forums!

You are correct, this is not a controllable trainer, it uses the handlebar lever to increase the magnetic resistance. When you pair the trainer Zwift will tell you what level to put the resistance at. Make sure your wheel size is set correctly, and you have aired up your rear tire to the manufacturer specs, and tightened the roller against the tire to Elite’s recommendation.

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