Elite Qubo Fluid + Misuro B+ - Issue when pairing / connecting


since last update I found out issue when I am entering Zwift on pairing screen.
Until last update, everything went fine, all devices that were paired connected automatically.

Since last update I noticed that my sensor (Misuro B+) is connecting not only as a power source, but also as a controllable trainer Elite RealPower, what is nonsense, because I don’t have interactive trainer. I also noticed that because of this, I am getting skewed cadence data (pretty low and not accurate), power was ok.

To resolve this problem, I got into pairing menu and when I clicked on button unpair (under controllable tab) Zwift froze and crashed on desktop (I was quite angry because of unsaved session). When I turned on Zwift again, it showed again on pairing screen, clicked on unpair and crash again. On 3rd try there was nothing under controllable tab, but zwift didn’t automacally continued (not a big issue, just clicked ok). After this, everything went fine and data was accurate.

Problem is that this is happening on every day when I first open up Zwift, two crashes, on third try I am able to continue and got to riding.

I am sure that drivers are ok, Misuro is set correctly, also tried to reinstall Zwift two times, no luck.
As I mentioned, this is happening since last update.

System: Windows 10
Trainer: Elite Qubo Fluid (newer model)
Sensor: Elite Misuro B+
HR Sensor: Garmin HRM Dual
Connecting through ANT+

Thanks for any help or advice.