Elite Novo Smart Trainer

(Tim) #1

Hi Support - I bought an Elite Novo Smart trainer today. Ive been trying to use it with my mountain bike with 26 inch wheels but somwthings not working right.

Ilm using it on my ipad and when im on flats in my fastest gear im just spinning out and not producing above around 110watts even with my legs spinning like crazy. When im going down hill its the same running out of gears (I have 21 on my bike).

Ive tried adjusting the pressure in my tyre and the pressure of the roller on the tyre but cant seem to fix this.

I also entered a category D group ride and even with my legs going crazy again in my fastest gear i coikd keep up with everyone.

Anyoje have an idea whats goong on does zwift, ipad and the Elite Novo not work as its listed as compatible on the hardware page?



(Steven) #2

Hi Tim,

I’m sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve had in Zwift with you Elite Novo Smart and mountain bike.

The good news is that the Elite Novo smart trainer is listed as a supported trainer on the hardware page.

My first recommendation is that you read the Zwift Support Hub article for Setting up an Elite smart trainer, which should help you to ensure that your setup matches our standards.

Here are some additional recommendations:

  1. Inflate your tires : Your bike tires will have a recommended tire pressure indicated on them, typically 100 PSI. Double-check your tire pressure and make sure they’re fully inflated; under-inflated tires will cause the same problems that incorrect tire size can cause.
  2. Tighten your trainer : Check to make sure that your trainer is sufficiently tightened. This varies from trainer to trainer, so check with your hardware manufacturer to determine the correct tension.
  3. WARNING: Do NOT over-tighten your trainer! You can bend your wheel rim by tightening it too much. If you are continually receiving the “tire slipping” message, it’s most likely for one of these other reasons.
  4. Make sure your trainer signal isn’t dropping : If your ANT+ or BLE signal gets interrupted, the lost data will throw off Zwift’s calculations and affect your speed. See the ANT+ troubleshooting article or the BLE troubleshooting article for more information.

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket if you haven’t already done so, and one of our support agents will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.

(Caroline) #3

Did you manage to make this work? Having the same problems here!

(Tim) #4

Hi Caroline - no I’m afraid not, I raised a support ticket with Zwift and they blamed the issue on the Elite trainer and directed me to Elite Support.

The trainer works perfectly fine with all the other competing apps I tried (and I tried nearly all of them) so its fairly clear to me its a compatibility issue between Elite and Zwift, I gave up and I’m now using a competing Smart cycle app.

Sorry I can’t help more!