Issue with Garmin GSC-10 when used with smart trainer?

This morning my watts kept dropping to 0 - intermittently. The first thing I tried was moving the ANT+ dongle closer to my trainer (Tacx Bushido) - but that had no effect.

Being a techy sort I had a think what had changed in my setup. The only thing was I’d put a wheel magnet on my wheel (for the Garmin speed sensor). After removing this everything worked fine.

I’m not 100% that this is the root of the problem I was having but removing my wheel magnet seemed to sort it.

For the record I use the GSC-10 for my cadence on Zwift as I can’t really see how a turbo could calculate cadence accurately. As a rule, this works fine.

Hey Chris -

This is great information! We’re always looking for causes for ANT+ dropouts and will be testing this fix in house for our troubleshooting tips.

Ride on!

Perhaps the speed transmission from the GSC-10 was interfering with the Bushido in some way? 


You’re right about the cadence thing, I found the readings from my Bushido to be rather ‘approximate’, fitted a Wahoo RPM Cadence and it’s all good.