ThinkRider X7: anybody using it?

I have problems making my trainer work. First time I try, it connects fine, but when it comes to changing the Watts according to the FTP test it doesn’t…it get stuck on the previous low wattage … then if i stop pedaling it adgiusts but allways with a huge delay and I’m not really sure what it depends on. Can it be that the ANT sensor must be very close to the trainer? Do I have to use the extesion cord or can i just plug in the USB Ant+ key in the Mac and go?

If anybody hase this trainer please let me know…thanks

I checked the list of supported trainer and it seems like “ThinkRider X7” isn’t a supported trainer with Zwift. Here is a list of all the supported trainers to confirm this.

However, as your trainer seems to be ANT+ enabled, you should be able to pair it up with Zwift, but the readings may be inaccurate.

As per your description, it seems like a case of ANT+ signal dropouts. And, the usual cause for ANT+ dropouts is because your signal is receiving interference. We’ve written a guide describing common potential interference sources so you can try and eliminate them.

If your issue still persists, open a support ticket with us, and we’ll get back to you!