Rider not moving even though I have a subscription


I have a zwift paid subscription but when I start to ride my rider doesn’t move. Can someone help?


Need a lot more no to assist you.

Please post a rundown of your setup and post a screenshot of your pairing screen.

The more info you give us the better we can assist you in getting up and riding/running.

Hi Paul

here’s a run down of my setup

  1. Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer
  2. Bluetooth connection
  3. Created a Zwift subscription today
  4. Zwift app on my iPhone 8
  5. Start pedalling and select a course
  6. I can see my rider Avatar but it doesn’t join the course

Paired devices screenshot


Paul would know better than I, but I think you need to re-pair with the Tacx Bushido FE-C one if it is available.

@Fez_Rockbottom FE-C is ANT+ FE-C @Mark_Wallace is connecting via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth equivalent so to speak of FE-C is FTMS. However, unfortunately it is not very wide spread as of yet.

Pairing screen looks good. If you start pedaling while on the pairing screen, does the power and cadence increase accordingly? That is, the displayed “0 watts” and “0 rpm” increase accordingly w/your effort?

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Also, is the firmware on the trainer up to date?

When I start pedalling the power and cadence stay at 0. I’ve kept pedalling for 10-15 mins and nothing changes.

Install the Tacx app and see if there is a firmware update and if you can see watts change on there.

I installed the Tacx utility app and updated the firmware. It even on the Tacx apps my speed and power are showing as 0. Could this be a problem with the trainer itself?

I assume the Tacx Utility app, can see and pair with your trainer.If you use the Testing Dashboard and pedal, you see no speed, rpm, or watt readings? If this is indeed the case, you might want to contact Tacx support.

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Thanks, yeah looks like it’s an issue with the trainer itself.

@Mark_Wallace I’m having the same issues as you currently. What did you or tacx do to fix the issue?