I need help with ANT system

Hello friends of Zwift, I need help please, I can´t use the sensors of my ANT in cycling. I have this problem when update the software Zwift, I found a new driver for ANT and show on the software but with the message “No signal”, and the sensors doesn’t work, what can be happen?

Attach screenshots. Thanks for your help.

Hi @Luis_Ramtes,

Issues like this can be quite tricky as there are a lot of different things that can cause an ANT+ failure, which I know can be frustrating. Let’s see if we can get your ANT+ conenctions working again.

We had a few community members run into an issue like this not too long ago, so I’d like to start by pointing you to the forum thread where they found a solution that worked for them.

I know you mentioned that you just updated the driver, but my understanding is that the most up to date driver that works wasn’t properly showing.

Let’s give that a try, please let us know how it goes.

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You should also be using the FE-C option for power and cadence. Looks like you have a mix of signals in your screenshot.


Hello Mike, how can I see that?

Unpair Power and when you go to pair (if nothing paired, it should show Search), it should find two options, one being FE-C.